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Found 15th Apr 2011
Hi, I'm looking to design a web site for a pool team I play for and maybe expand it to encompass the whole league at some point.
Does anyone know of some free easy to use software to get me going and a way of getting it hosted for free.
Any help appreciated, I'm offline until 11.00am but will respond then to any comments.
Thanks for any help.
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Have a look at
Weebly or Wordpress
if you're going down the FREE route, there are so many options (most of them naff and stick adverts after adverts on your website). Another +1 or Weebly here, although wordpress isnt too bad. Just remember when you buy/take up your domain name it reflects both YOUR pool team, and the LEAGUE at the same time.

Also remember you're likely to end up with a, email address.
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Thanks to all the posts above, will check them out over the weekend and post how I got on.
I find best
look at ovh to buy domain, comes with a small amount of web space and email, all you need to start. If you grow and need more space you can either buy it from them or redirect to another (maybe free) hosting site.
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