Free web hosting?

Any good sites?
To host a gaming website.
No crappy ad's, be decent.

Cheers all


[email protected];2274992


Whats the catch?:|


Whats the catch?:|

No catch Running two sites from it, works well... nice to have free databases too!


I'm not sure how good hosting is with the op's recommendation, however I have carried out quite a bit of research into free hosting providers and recently I started hosting my websites:
[url][/url] and [url]www.gstenterprises[/url] (I hope links are allowed) with and I recommend them.

I've only been with them for a couple of weeks but I'm pretty impressed to date.

Custom account panel.
Able to place own ads.
Up to 10 GB of bandwidth!
No advertisements!

Paid hosting is obviously better, but for smaller websites there's nothing wrong with free hosting as long as you research into it. I used the following two websites and tried out 3 different free hosting providers before deciding on x10 hosting:…php


(This was a previous post I made, I recommend x10 hosting!)

avoid x10hosting like the plague !! Their uptime is pants ... whos wants functions and stuff when it wont be up.

I'd recommend ]110mb. It's free with no ads and you get 110 megabytes of storage and 10 gigabytes of bandwidth.

Read through the T&Cs when you sign up to check though. Not to look for anything dodgy, to check your site won't breach them. If you want to host videos for streaming or big files for download then you will wanna look somewhere else as they don't allow that (or host the files somewhere else and link to them on your 110mb site).

110mb has no ftp access for free.

Currently using [url][/url] , so far they seem okay.


110mb has no ftp access for free.booooooooo

they removed it when they opened their last server ..... credit crunch :roll:

i have it on my 6 accounts though

they used to have 5GB of space and 300GB bandwidth but the advertisers have dried up so can't afford to offer this at the moment :roll:
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