Free Web site hosting

    wheres the best places to use?

    would like some information as i wanna upload my own website to a hosting site that is free and does not have pop up adds etc


    what sort of site is it?

    uni website

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    what sort of site is it?

    Its a website to show my uni work, photography, short films etc


    porn website

    well done idiot

    You've got to wonder about the business model of any company that gives away a service that you'd normally pay for. They're going to make their money back somehow. Do you want to run your website on a substandard ISP that might screw you severely in a few months time, or d'you just want to pay all of £5 a month on arespectable host?

    If it isnt an important site then free hosting is fine, I will find a list of ad free hosts for you.

    However have you had a look to see if you get some free web space with your broadband? normally with any ISP if you sign up for broadband, you will get some free email addresses and some free web space too.

    [url][/url] £7 to get mysql but you get your domain and you can add a domain e.g. [url][/url] for free. [url][/url] is the support forums, which is highly active and if your site doesn't work for some reason, then the admin are always online to put any issues right. The newest server has just opened in canada.....

    i have been with these for over a year and never had a major problem. The hard drives fail a lot on new servers but they are fixed within 24 hours (they don't have their own servers, they rent them from other companies)
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