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    does anyone know of a completely free (or very low price) website that lets you create your own webstore with a minimum of 50 products. I have tried about 5 so far:


    try it lets you play with a demo of a store to show u how it looks feels like

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    thanks, does it actually eventually act as a proper site or is it just a pure demo?

    Hm, decisions - buy from the market stall that you might not be able to get to because its surrounding area is prone to flash flooding making the stall inaccessible, that looks cheap and nasty, has big flashing banner adverts for other companies laid across the top of the stall and appears to actually be tagged onto the back of another stall, or buy from the nice, professional-looking shop next door to it?

    It's a slightly stretched analogy I know, but, really - what faith would any consumer have in a webstore that lives off a free host? It's unprofessional, it's cheap, and it's the sort of thing that would scream "Scam!" to me. I mean, doesn't everyone google the name of a company before buying from them for the first time, just to check that they're legit? What if the first bit of info you find is that they're hosted on a free service. Does that inspire confidence? Webhosting isn't even that expansive - £60 a year can buy you a fairly solid webhost onto which open-source, free ecommerce solutions can be installed. That's a tiny overhead, and well worth the outlay, considering the number of customers that it would save. And remember - webhosting is not free. And it's not charities that are offering to host - it's companies. For that reason,t here will always be a catch.

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    thanks, that does make me see sense.

    ive opted for 19.99 quartely, which gives me everything i need. thanks again
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