Free Weights & Bench

    Hi, guys, I'm looking to buy some free weights and a bench (either together or separately) after my old ones got trashed, and was hoping someone could recommend some good deals.

    Ideally, I'm after a dumbell/barbell kit with a miniumum of 70-80kg in weights.

    The bench needs to be able to incline/decline and support a total weight of 170kg minimum. I've had a look around and quite like this one, as it also incorporates a squat rack and looks 'fairly' sturdy, so something like this would be perfect:…htm

    Total budget is £250-275 but can stretch it a bit if needed :thumbsup:

    Thanks in advance


    With thee thread title I thought you wanted wieghts that were free!

    Anyway what about this one from Argos ]York 520 Bench and Lat Curl. £90

    i got a

    York bench…htm

    and a load of reeebk metal weight set with 2 piece barbell bar and 4 dumbell handles, along with a load of weights. all in excelent condition, only minor wear (i look after my stuff)

    interested to sell the lot as i wana use the money towards a gym now im gettin more serious about fitness. can do pics and specific details if your interested buddy

    im in cheshire btw, able to deliver within reasonable distance for petrol money

    interested buddy?

    Original Poster

    Hi, sorry for not replying till now...I actually just bought a commerical grade bench and a bunch of weights off a friend for a knockdown price. Thanks though, and good luck with your sale :thumbsup:

    alright buddy, happy liftng

    think aldi were doin one for £60
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