Free weights for weight training

    Hi there.

    Still looking for the best company to buy free weights from. Best price I can currently find is around GBP1 per 1kg, but then you have to add on a tidy sum for P&P.

    Can anybody kindly advise me if there is a company out there who offer free P&P or does somebody want to sell some weights they no longer use. I will consider any type and condition. I am in East Yorkshre and I'm looking for around 75 - 100kg worth in larger 'denominations'.

    Many thanks in advance


    you want to "buy free weights" - that doesn't sound right!!

    I bought mine fron Decathalon in Surry Quays.

    I've checked their website and the only one they have in Yorkshire is in Sheffield (…63/) and they sell metal plates unlike Argos who sell cement filled plastic! Lol., I advise you to go there.

    Try Tesco.They have the cast iron weights starting at 0.97 per kg

    50kg for £39.99 collected or £44.95 delivered - Argos…htm

    Yeah they're vinyl, so dont expect amazing things, but they're cheap and they weigh


    Cast iron weights are virtually indestructible.

    Try there and do a search on weights then pick the sports section and sort on the distance from your post code. Expect to pay 30-50p a kilo and generally the bars are free. You may have to wait a week or two to get all you want - but there is no shortage of virtually unused kit up for grabs in the common inch diameter bar size.

    Also - its not a half baked scheme - as I am a fitness instructor and set up my entire home free weight gym that way.
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