Posted 25th Aug 2019
For those who didn't know, like myself, you can get WiFi for free on the London Underground. It's weird and not known by all I assume because you have to go to your three account and set up a password…und]

Now everyone on Threecan get online underground.


Need to update your status or check your inbox before your next meeting? It's easy with our free Wi-Fi on London Underground service. You can browse online at over 130 underground stations that offer Wi-Fi connection.

Get set up to use Wi-Fi on the London Underground.

Enter a password below that you want to use to connect to Wi-Fi in participating London Underground stations. You can then use these details to register up to three devices on the service. If you want to change your password at any time, just overwrite your original password below and select save.

Next Steps.

When you're next in a London Underground station with Wi-Fi:

Turn on Wi-Fi on your device.Search for Virgin Media WiFi from the available connections and connect to it.On the Virgin Media page that opens in your browser, go to the Other providers dropdown and select Three.Enter your Three number and the password you chose, then select Register.You'll now be able to connect to Wi-Fi in London Underground stations. Your device will remember your details in future, so you'll automatically connect next time you're at a participating underground station.
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