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Found 16th Jul
Wanting to call a mobile in the UK from abroad. The person we are wanting to call doesn't have a smart phone so unable to use Skype etc. Does anybody know of an app I could use that you don't need to buy credits?
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Cheapest I know it's tesco international calling. £0.01 per minute and u can by £3 credit.
I use Tesco mobile app too, it’s brilliant, even free texting anywhere abroad and using your number
Yeah I used Tesco last year in Turkey was very good and 1p per minute. Thought it was 1p per minute from anywhere to anywhere but we are going to Dominican this year and if I have read it right it's 8p per minute. Happy to go with that unless any other suggestions.
Think it may be 1p per minute, I was looking at the price calling Dominican from the UK when I should of looked at calling UK from the Dominican.
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There are some apps that make you watch ads to fund calls instead of buying credits, such as WhatsCall.
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Without any pc or smartphone with data you will have to get the best deal for calling
If you happen to have a 3 SIM kicking about to be called on, you could send another 3 SIM along with a cheap handset to your friend, and take advantage of free calls to/from each.

Then, you could also call them, just for the price of a monthly low top-up, if I'm thinking straight ... it is late though
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