free wii games on your wii

Found 30th Apr 2008
found this website which allows you to download free wii games on your wii, the website is could not work out how to set it up, if anyone knows could they post instructions here

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[COLOR=#666666][FONT=Wii NTLG PGothic JPN Regular][LEFT]Here you can download free Wii games that can be played online through your Nintendo Wii game console, using your wii-mote controller.[/FONT][/COLOR][/LEFT]
[COLOR=#666666][FONT=Wii NTLG PGothic JPN Regular][LEFT]We also have a great section all about making your look-alike Mii. How to make a custom Mii with tools other than the Wii, and how to get them from your computer to your wii. As well as how to share your mii or get and use other peoples mii.[/FONT][/COLOR][/LEFT]
[COLOR=#666666][FONT=Wii NTLG PGothic JPN Regular][LEFT]The online Nintendo Wii Internet community is still growing and developing, as it does so, we will grow and develop with it. So, make sure to add this site to your Wii, Internet Channel, Favorites and check back ofter.[/FONT][/COLOR][/LEFT]
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