Free Word Processor for Windows 7

    Hello HUKD'rs

    I am looking for a free word processor, preferably one that is as good as Microsoft Word if possible?
    I am going to make an attempt at writing a novel so something that will help me do this. I am using Windows 7 and, no, I won't be upgrading or anything like that. Plus, I don't want any free trials or ones with cloud storage...
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    To a large extend the package isn't relevant, you just need something that doesn't get in the way of the process.

    Try a few, even Word Writer (or whatever it's called that comes with windows).
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    I use Word Pad that comes with Windows. Much more advanced that Notepad and
    if you have windows operating system, chances are.. you have it already.
    On Windows 7, its under Accessories

    open office


    open office is really good but much people don't know it exists plus it's Free !
    contains a few more docs

    LibreOffice has effectively replaced OpenOffice as the definitive version of that software suite these days, don't use OpenOffice unless you need the older version for some reason.
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