Free Xbox Live Code?

    Xbox virgin here and i need some help.
    been given a basic xbox and want to connect it.
    I've "borrowed" a nice long LAN cable from work and was hoping that one of you lovely people would have a free 24/48 hr code. So i can test the water before investing in a years worth of fun!
    Any help and advice would also be welcome as i've no idea what to excpect!


    you get a free month with every new account...


    Every time you create a new account you will get 1 month free xbox live gold account, you can do this 5 times on one console i believe.

    Original Poster

    Cheers, will give it a go! What games are best to play on line? Like the idea of Red Dead Redemption, always wanted to be a cowboy! But anything else worse sepending my cash on?
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