Free xbox trial for 1 month again ?

Found 12th Jul 2016
I have an old Xbox live account that hardly gets any use but yesterday when I used it on the Xbox 360 , on the dashboard it gave me a month free trial for live.
I clicked and went thru the motions but it gave an error of 80190128 on the Xbox 360 so tried logging in thru the web on the desktop and it also had the offer of free trial when I selected 1 month option, but kept giving me an error of c card being used on another account. I changed the c card to a new one but still receiving the same error.
The customer service representatives are insistant that I can't have the offer as I have had it before.
Is this true ?
Can't I have the offer again as I had it before ?
If so why have they put the offer on my dashboard ?

Any advice ?
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I had this very same thing, Used to have a 360 that was hardly used but I bought a cheap Xbox one for the few exclusives and when I signed in it presented me with another trial, got the same error when trying to redeem, it took a lot of arguing but they eventually gave me a 3 month trial to make up for it, but even then it was not worth the hassle.
Thanks for the reply, yes I am thinking its not worth the hassle as well .
I was of the same opinion of you, if it shows on your own account it should be available, but considering the actual value its hardly worth the effort.
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