Freebie for WWE fans: No Way Out 2004 DVD

Found 27th Oct 2010
This is that classic ppv when Eddie Guerrero won the championship from Brock of the best ever matches and moments,dvd is quite rare....simply post in thread saying why you want it...

No newbies or non wrestling fans please and i will choose someone in a day or so


my 14 year old lad would love this plzz

cos eddie was a legend? plus cena fu'ing the BS was amazing

Can you feel the heat?

Lie! Cheat! Steal!
Say hello to Eddie.
Lie! Cheat! Steal!
I dont care if you don't like me.
Bite me.
Lie! Cheat! Steal!
Do you feel it? Hey.

Would love it. Cheers.

Eddie was a living legend. His storylines with Chavo made tag team wrestling fun and enjoyable; whilst strengthening his character as a true main eventer. Beating Brocker Lesner was the pinnacle of his career, which unfortunately was so short lived thereafter. He certainly paved the way for many after him...

yes pleasea!
thank you!

I Want it because I want to get my little girls into wrestling as much as I was when I was little


Would love this dvd , am a hardcore fan and i collect dvds and i dont have this one yet.. eddie is one the greatest to date and his passing away saddened me just wish he was still here and this is great to help the memories of the late , great eddie guerrero. he lie , he cheated and he stilled.. the only one of us who could get away with lying :P

I would love this DVD, been a fan of wrestling since the "WWF" days. To be honest, wrestling today isnt nowhere as exciting and engaging as the early 2000s or before that. I have DVDs of all major wrestlers - The Rock; Stone Cold; Bret Hart; Shawn Michaels, etc...and this would go very well with my collection.

Hope you consider me...

I wouldn't mind this, to be honest I'm not gonna make up a story to try and blag a free DVD, but I can remember that match with eddie and Brock and it'd be bloody well awesome to see it again...

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Lunch break bump

Viva la raza

yes please kids love wwe

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Mighty mugger,its yours please pm me your details within the next 24 hours
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Mighty mugger,its yours please pm me your details within the next 24 hours

Details sent. Thanks mate. That is really nice of you.

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