FREEBIE* - Large chunky glass Molton Brown candle holders perfect for refilling

    I have two really nice chunky glass Molton Brown candle holders which would be absolutely ideal for refilling and making into a candle again.

    They're 12cms high, 10cms across and the glass at the top is 5mms thick. They each weigh about 750g. The Molton brown logo is etched into the glass.

    One is dark pink (used to hold 'Heavenly Gingerlilly') and one is more of a dark purple (used to hold 'Yuan Zhi').

    I've refilled similar ones before and it's really straightforward.

    Buy wax on eBay, or melt down a couple of cheap candles if you want, and add a wick, then pour into the glass holders. If you don't have any wicks, ask me nicely and I'll see if I can find a couple to pop in.

    *I ask that you pay for and organise the courier, which if I package them carefully may end up under 2kgs and then less than £3 with MyHermes. I'll need to package them up and check. Just email me the label, I'll print if off and make sure it gets sent off for you.

    If more than one person is interested, I reserve the right to choose someone who has helped me in the past, or has posted lots of good deals etc. It's not necessarily first come first served.


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    They have been cleaned, but I need to give them another clean (it took ages to get rid of the black soot on the inside and this was as clean as I could get first time around using dettol spray X) )

    I'm only new and don't really deserve them- but if no-one else wants them -could I have them please?

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    I'm only new and don't really deserve them- but if no-one else wants them … I'm only new and don't really deserve them- but if no-one else wants them -could I have them please?

    As you asked so nicely you're really welcome to them.

    Send me a PM and I'll reply once I've packaged them up and know how much they weigh and the dimensions of the box etc.

    It might be tomorrow though as I've got a few bits to do before bed and I'm shattered, but I'll sort it ASAP for you.

    Ooooo, they look lovel........

    X) X)

    You're a good 'un sweets

    Actually sweets she won't be able to pm you her details I don't think. I'm pretty sure she has to do 10 posts before PMs are enabled. Hopefully she'll read this and do the necessary.

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    Nice one. Thanks for sharing
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