FREEBIE posting times and trends

Found 6th Feb 2018
Hi, I have noticed depending on what time of day and what you post, certain deals either goes hot or cold. Which kinda fits in with like a town centre - different people at different times of the day.

Have you noticed the same?
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No. People have different opinions on what a good deal is and to be honest, people probably voted the second one cold because of a kind of click bait title.

"...1. Felt for most people to buy an air compressor was a waste of money, as I saw a few posts..."

I have a Ring 12volt portable air compressor in the boot of my car, & another AC/DC model at home.

Both has been very useful for, at the very least, re-inflating a tyre enough to drive the car to a garage forecourt to use a more substantial compressor unit, or to a tyre service centre for a repair/replacement.
...Oh yeah, & free air or water isn't worthy of a vote either way.
I'd vote the second one cold because there's not been anything available in my area for many years.
I’ve also noticed that far more Xbox deals get mega heat compared to PlayStation, PC or Nintendo deals on HUKD.
I don't take any notice of any hot or cold voting.
So if you're voting for my benefit, you're wasting your time
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