Freebie - Too Human Bonus Armour Sets for the 360

    I pre-ordered Too Human for the 360 and got a code so you can download 5 exclusive armours for free from the Marketplace. I decided to return the game after reading the mediocre reviews hence I've got the armous sets code which is of no use.

    Any one want it? Next time I log in later tonight I'll put all the names in a hat and PM the name who comes out with the code.


    Ill take if possible please

    put me in please!

    defo add me into the hat bud

    yes please

    Don't want to be added although my dogs called mitzi :thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Me as well please

    yeah i would like to be added if you still havent drawn a winner thanks for the act of kindness have some rep

    Original Poster


    Don't want to be added although my dogs called mitzi :thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Damn you and your dog who stole my name!

    me too plz

    Yeah can you add me as well please mate, Thanks very much

    Original Poster

    Right 6 people...thats enough. I'll go roll a virtual dice on my iphone and let you know who's won

    Edit -****** 2 more people responded...names in a hat it is then


    chuck me in

    Original Poster

    Number 6 it was so code going to tsar_nate, PM on the way.

    Sorry everyone else

    Original Poster

    Code sent.

    Mods, please expire.

    thank you ill put it in later tonight i have a counter strike match for the next 2 hours just checkin mail beforei go on thank you very much

    Closed @ OP's request. Just a note: we ask that items being given away free-of-charge go in the Misc section rather than For Sale/Trade. Thanks.

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