On here ive ordered for loads of the freebies to come, yet i find very little in the post to me, at least half of the stuff which i ordered never seems to reach me, and looks like its just annoyinh phishing scam wich doesnt bother me too much, as i use a different email address for them, does the same problem happen with other people or os it just me?



    only applied for a few, they take a loooooonngggggg time to arrive, … only applied for a few, they take a loooooonngggggg time to arrive, fabric conditioner, ROC travel bag(nice), L'oreal moisturiser(very nice), eco washing up liquid, Tea-bags, ooh and I was lucky enough to grab a bag of jelly belly beans. Some I have never had anything from and probably never will. Depends which company you're getting them from, I only go for the big brand names, 'cos yeh some appear to be a bit of a phishing scam,like you say. My problem is forgetting the password I used to sign up and not being able to get any more.

    had to lol cos i'm a nightmare with passwords and just put the first word that pops into my head,usually something bizzare,and can't be bothered going through all the carry on trying to get it back!!:-D:-Dhave had various face creams,tea bags, popping candy and perfume though,love getting free samples. sometimes the problem is that the company is american and they don't want to shell out p&p,which is understandable really.

    pontins - last year and this 4 days , free, and other stuff

    :oops:doggy plomps bags:oops:

    Original Poster

    Ok thanks guys.

    i always send out for samples every day and i av nothing coming thru my letterbox. it is just useless!!! x
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