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I remember about the £1.50 texts from a while ago, thats why I never pass on my mobile number on any offers

[color=darkblue]Think I've found the place you're looking for:[/color]

[color=blue]GRUMBLE TEXT CO UK[/color]

I[color=darkblue]s that it or was it a telephone number you wanted?[/color]

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Thats the main reason i moved to Orange, Great Customer Service but i cna go through my billa t leasuire as a pdf or print out compared to o2s *crap* bill interface.

Easy to get problems tho hard to sort out

i heard about these text on the news, some companies will stop sending them if your reply saying 'stop' but they will charge you for texting back others will take it you have consented to them sending the messages even if you reply saying no

It's really a pain that mobile charges in general are so expensive. To download a ringtone for £1.50p or in Orange case £2.50p a time. Most of them sound rubbish.

Would any of us pay £25.00p for one average CD album containing ten tracks? Probably not, unless it was something pretty special.

These ringtones cost around £15.00p for ten almost midi sounding files [not even as good as midi sounds most of the time]

Mostly it's young kids ripped off by these charges too.

Then there are picture messages. We try getting our prints for free online, yet we get an image on a phone which is equivalent to a desktop icon finding it exciting enough to pay for :roll:

Personally, I think these gimmicky little things at least should cost much less, until such a time when quality is available.

Guess it's the wonder of technology Which I do love by the way
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