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Found 3rd Jun 2010
i'm helping to organise a charity event fundraising for local charities in london. as part of the event we hope to have raffle prizes and/or a charity auction.
can anyone offer advice on how I can approach businesses to ask for donations towards this fundraiser and maybe the names of the big busiinesses who are especially good at supporting these types of events.

many thanks
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You are better off writing to the Marketing managers of products. They are the ones who push the advertising so are more likely to donate stuff.
i help run events in our village raising funds for our village hall which is a charity. we tend to write to as many local businesses as we can espesh places like gyms or local restaurants will usually give vouchers. dont bother with larger companies ie supermarkets etc as we usually get replies back stating that the do their own fundraising for charity so dont give out to individuals (which is fair enough),

try - Gyms, spas, local beauty salons/hairdressers,restaurants, kids play places or days out near you, local cinemas, bowling places etc.
My son did something similar for a school project and my 2 neices did this for local charities very recently, they actually found that some of the smaller local businesses were more generous than the national ones, but M&S, Tesco's, Boots, Mothercare, Hotel Chocolat etc were very generous, they got their local radio station on board, and one of the presenters actually did the auction, companies were more inclined to help when they heard this. They wrote to all the companies/businesses and then made personal calls too, after the auction they wrote thankyou letters to all donaters with the amount raised etc
After explaining about the cause etc the next big thing is to stress what's in it for them... Are you able to advertise their sponsorship etc...
excellent stuff so far guys, thanks.

yes, we will be able to advertise their sponsorship not to a huge degree but hopefully what we offer is good enough.

keep the ideas coming.
try your local football clubs, not all do but some of them offer to get the ball/shirt signed if you pay for the item up front. You will generally make more than what you pay for it.

Good luck with your event.
Take letters in personally and try and see the relevant person whilst you are there and hand the letter to them explaining at the same time. Usually they will find you something there and then - it saves them time and effort and letters arriving in the post tend to go straight in the bin as they dont have time to deal with them
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