Freebies for the sake of freebies.

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Found 29th Jun 2009
Do you honestly ever order Freebies just for the sake of them being free? I don't mean practical, decent stuff that you might not have got if it wasn't free. I mean the stuff that really isn't worth the minute of so it took you to fill out the online form. There was one in the Freebies section today for a 1.5ml sample of a mosturising cream. 1.5ml!!! Now that really isn't worth applying for is it??


yeah every1 loves a freebeeeeeeee

it is for the company who then have your details lol

N0, No, NO

No!!! I have a house full of stuff I don't need or want and it stresses me out getting rid of it!

yeah i don't bother. i only used to get 1 out of the 100 that i filled, but then 100 unwanted emails so i left that (o:

used to but the novelty wore off so dont bother now.

only ever do a freebie if its something that defo interests me i never do the perfume samples they are usless and most are postcards i agree with the cream thing 1.5ml boring lol freebies aint as good as they used to be, matterbox was good
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