Freecom Network Mediaplayer 35

Found 15th Jan 2006
Well... I know that my deal requests are typically unanswered but will give it a try.

So, lads and gals - I am looking for quite a strange device. This time it is Freecom Network Mediaplayer 35 (or 3.5") Kit.
In short, this is hard disk enclosure which can accomodate standard 3.5" hard drive (up to 400GB). It also got video outputs (can play DivX and DVDs from hard drive) and, the most important part - Network interface. In short, you can have all of your DVDs stored on it (or on network server - hence the need for LAN) and play it off there with a touch of button. And no need for PC to be running some sort of MediaServer software (if you know what I mean :)).


Network MediaPlayer 3.5" Kit
With LAN, USB 2.0 & AV Output

Unfortunately I missed their 'free 80GB drive' promotion so I will have to buy my own disk for it. Which is not really big deal as I would replace 80Gb with something bigger anyway.

So far the lowest price I managed to find is 114.12 inc VAT and delivery (Savastore).
Can anyone get better price?
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Sorry if your deal requests have been overlooked before, it's not been intentional Hope this helps:

Freecom Network MediaPlayer - 35 £107 delivered

Slight delay on delivery time but cheapest I've found so far.

It does say sold through Pixmania, maybe you can use a discount code against it there.
Oh, sorry for not mentioning it - I saw that but I normally ignore anything which is not sold by Amazon itself. Another concern is about Pixmania themselves. I know they are French so UK law doesn't apply to them and there are so many horror stories on the web...

Thanks for your help!
I've bought from Pixmania in the past. Delivery was slow, about 10 days, but you do get a two year guarantee with them.
Freecom is giving two years warranty anyway. On other hand... Savastore are not angels either... decisions, decisions...
Looks like those are your two options, at least I can't find anywhere cheaper. I've bought from Savastore too, they're okay and if you are worried about consumer laws, probably best to go with them.

£111.50p delivered by the Amazon route:

Freecom Network MediaPlayer Drive-in Kit (No Hard Drive Included) £107.00 … Freecom Network MediaPlayer Drive-in Kit (No Hard Drive Included) £107.00 - Quantity: 1 - Usually dispatched within 1-2 working days Condition: newSold by: pixmania_uk

Why not order it directly from Pixmania and use a discount code..should work out to the same as the Amazon price and you're buying directly from Pixmania.
Yes, rayman that's what I think. So Savastore are seems to be the cheapest of 'the safest' I think at this point I should wave Union Jack and shout 'Buy British'! Which Freecom isn't

The problem is I don't really want to deal with Pixmania as I read too many horrors about them. Especially when something goes wrong.
Ah okay, fair enough. Go with your gut I think your deal requests get less responses because you are looking for very esoteric items! So personally that means I look forward to them...for instance I never knew this type of equipment exists and it's very cool.

Ah okay, fair enough. Go with your gut I think your deal requests get … Ah okay, fair enough. Go with your gut I think your deal requests get less responses because you are looking for very esoteric items! So personally that means I look forward to them...for instance I never knew this type of equipment exists and it's very cool.

Yeah I agree, Kommunist you're always very good with information on most technologies, so you're always one step ahead at the start and we have to play catch up lol

What can I say... http://netlab.e2k.ru/forum/html/emoticons/newest/shuffle.gif
Thanks, I will let you know how good (or bad) this thingie is
Hey Kommunist, have you ordered this yet as I'm after exactly the same thing so can you post a quick review when you get a chance please.

No, I probably won't go for it. I went through manual (again!) and it looks like there could be a problem. This device apparently doesn't support full network access.
In short, it can read anything over LAN (it looks like SMB is supported, so NAS shouldn't be an issue), but you can not write into it! If you wish to update movies on this thingie, you'll need to unplug it from TV, take it to PC and connect via USB. Which is somehow makes the whole idea of having network connection semi-obsolete. Unless, of course you going to use it without any HDD at all, just like network player. However, in this case there are better devices available (Buffalo LinkTheatre, for example), so Freecom is not a viable option.

Unfortunately, no other standalone HDD enclosure got full LAN functionality (maybe new Kiss DP-600 will be an exception? who knows?!). Even TViX 5000U only feature one way connection.

Why is it so difficult to run Samba in these things? I don't get it...
For those who still want to buy this esoteric (c) device, there are some good news.
EPCBuyer is offering it for 97.94 delivered.
Add to it Seagate 300GB @ 92.74 or Western Digital 250GB @ 70.25, choose Express Delivery (there will only be 25p difference, so why wait?) and here we go!
250GB version will cost you £170.24 delivered
300GB version will cost you £193.03 delivered

But if you ask me - it is still too damn expensive. Stuff like this should cost no more than 100 quid for 160/200GB version. OK, Sigma chip isn't cheap (I like the sound of this phrase! :)), but MTK/ESS and others are. So, if they can make DVD-Divx player with optical drive, etc for 30 quid, why can't they offer same (well.. almost) thingie but with HDD inside for 100?
you might be interested in this offer in scans deal of the day - its got no harddrive support but is wireless ( if that floats ur boat). and carrys the Microsoft "PlaysForSure" logo for all thats worth:


its reduced in the their today only sale to £92.53 inc vat exc del but is normally 102.25
Yes, I was thinking about DLink. I had ADS MediaLink and Hauppauge MVP before (and even wrote quite detailed reviews of these) and was very impressed by Medialink's abilities. However, DLink 320 is a bit old, and is going to be replaced by DSM-520/520RD.

Anyway, thanks for that! Have a Karma
How about this one, looks good but haven't gone through it's specs yet.

This one is even worse (for me, of course) than Freecom - no network connectivity at all. There is Kiss DP-558 network DivX player/recorder, but according to many reviews it is delivering none of its promises. Which is a real pity as this is exactly what I need. Hopefully Kiss VR-558 will be better. But the price is way too high.

So, to summarize, I am considering three options now:
1. Buy Freecom
2. Build HTPC
3. Sit and wait until new devices will reach market.
How about SnaZio SZ1350 HD DVD player (UK £234.00)

Has support for USB drives FAT32 and NTFS so far...

Review: mpcclub.com/mod…pdf
Thanks for that, I've been looking into it some time ago. The NTFS support was only added recently and sounds like it's not very stable. On the other hand, it doesn't play ISO, so NTFS is "nice to have" rather than "must". Lack of WPA isn't nice either but I am only going to use wired networking, so it is not a problem.
Hmmm... perhaps I need to go back to Hi-Jack's forum and do some more reading about Snazio (quite an expensive toy and quality is questionable from people are saying).
Looks like Buffalo Linktheater is actually the same device as Snazio but using different firmware...
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