Weird question, is it really free!!!


I've not used it ever though.

I've used it a few times but most of the things go really quick or nobody every responds to you if you want something

******whats with the*******

I'm going put in for

spare £1,000,000.

Do you think I've any chance?

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Bonus just got a lawnmower after ours set on fire today!!

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******whats with the*******

Whats it to you!!

I use it quite a lot mainly to give things away, recently a high/low chair, PS2 Steering wheel, and other bits and pieces i have gave away before

Its a fab place and saves chucking no end of things away.


Whats it to you!!


I've had loads of bargains and when i have a clear out someone comes and takes it all away it's great!

It doesn't seem to be a question to me....[/SIZE]:whistling:

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[SIZE="4"]*****Freecycle....*****It doesn't seem to be a question to … [SIZE="4"]*****Freecycle....*****It doesn't seem to be a question to me....[/SIZE]:whistling:

Everything is a question, if the asker does'nt know....if you want to be sarcastic, don't waste your time typing.



Bonus just got a lawnmower after ours set on fire today!!

good for you!!

i got one from local skip place 11 yrs ago - o/h just rewired it still working!!

we take a lot down to local council place also pick up stuff - had some lovely pots for garden

anything that isn't worth enough to bother selling on ebay we put on there, recently gave away an old dvd player - thats probably the 'best' thing we've put on there, it was £550 new (that was in the year DVD players hit the market though!)

We've got a few things for our little one from there & got lots of wood people were throwing away, it's good to ask for wood when the weather picks up as people are cutting down trees in the gardens then it drys out over the summer & we have two fireplaces in the house to burn it over the winter.

Oh & to answer your question yes it's free - you normally just haev to go round & pick it up.


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rep left

i've freecycled quite a lot of stuff:
5 x internal doors
1 x wooden fireplace surround
1 x Sky Digital dish
1 x lawnmower
1 x printer

And when I needed a wireless dongle someone was kind enough to offer me one!
It's all good Karma!

I went for a couple of things before - a DVD player for my daughter's room and I asked if anyone had some wooden train track they no longer needed for my son but nothing come out of it.

It is a very good idea, but seems much better for getting rid of stuff as people are so fast and grabilicious! Maybe because I am in London and there are more people on there.

I know a fellow HUKD'er bagged an 8ft trampoline and enclosure on there - cor I wish LOL!

Gumtree have a freebies section too which is easier to pick things up off.

Freecycle is great! Got rid of some stuff also got loads of great stuff free.


Bonus just got a lawnmower after ours set on fire today!!

So now there's a "burned out lawn mover " free to collector no doubt Lol
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