Freedom of speech?

    For the umpteenth time - no thread spoiling in fs/ft allowed. Review rules #14 and #15 if in any doubt.

    All such posts will be actioned in the same manner should we be aware of it.

    As for the OP, we genuinely don't wish any member to leave. It's well worth reflecting upon in the morning and contacting a mod or admin should you wish your issues to be resolved.

    So thread LOCKED - what happened to freedom of speech - exactly what I was trying to say.............. So if your site isn't meeting members needs and they complain you just lock the thread' that's progress NOT. As for the worth reflecting in the morning - I've been thinking this for at least a couple of months - not likely to change my mind on something that I have thought long about.........

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    We're going around in circles.

    Please use the Contact Us option available from the home page.

    Thread locked.

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