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Found 3rd Oct 2010
Hi guys,
I've recently been asked by a magazine to cover a charity event at the local Civic centre.
It's quite a high profile job with the Lord Mayor attending and a few sporting personalities.

A 3 to 4 hour job.
My photos will be used in the magazine.
No retouching required.

This is my first freelance job, how much should I charge for this job?
I wouldn't say I'm a professional, so I wouldn't want to ask for a professional rate.
I've tried to do some research on what a professional would charge for an event like this but everything seems to be on a quotation basis.

Thanks for any help or advice. Cheers
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Try the photography section at AVforums?

If I have more techy questions I usually ask there.

Just a thought, but as it's charity event, and you're new, why not offer to do it for free? You might raise your profile and get extra work that way.
I understand where you're coming from about the charity event, however should I charge for the use of my pictures in the magazine?
The magazine is covering the event but they are not the organisers.
Try this photography forum or NUJ rates It's always a balancing act - charge to much and you may not get the job; charge too little and get branded as cheap.
Not meaning to be a Job's comforter but don't forget that you will need PL and equipment cover insurance at the very least and maybe product cover too if it all goes t!ts up.
I recently did a 4hr shoot for this much. But have been paid up to £500 for a day.
All photos will need retouching so factor this in to your time.

I don't worry about copyright and appearance fees at my level and don't advise you to.

My daily rate for film / photography / teaching is £365 and people don't raise eyebrows. I wouldn't call myself a pro either. Yet
what circulation does the magazine cover? local, county wide, or UK wide? how many pics will they be using? full spread over 2 pages? if your pics are just general meet n greet type pics then id expect they be paying around £20-50 an image. if they are more of posed/shoot type pics then up the price a little as you'l b taking more shots.

you'l always need to tart up your pics afterwards so like its been mentioned already take that into consideration.

good luck
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