Freemans LCD warranty HELP REQUIRED!!!

hope theres an expert out there that can help!!!

A year and a half i purchased a Samsung 26" lcd from Freemans. It was £600 but with a 20% off i got it for £480.

Although i paid £480 they made me pay for a £600 tv warranty.(was i mis sold the wrong insurance?) on the policy it says £501 - £700.

Well the tv broke down and is unrepairable :-(

Freemans are offering me £480 towards a new tv from them. I asked for a cash refund which didnt go down well and was told that thats up to the insurance company to decide what they pay.

Insurance company are saying its upto Freemans what they request them to pay. :thinking:

Can someone advise me PLEASE!!!


They didn't 'Make' you pay for a warranty.

I suppose you could argue that you want the difference between the two warranties returned to you.

Unless the policy (You did read it before signing for it didn't you?) states that you are entitled to a cash refund(Highly doubtful), you have done well to get £480.

£480 should buy you a similar spec television today as £600 would've 18 months ago.

Don't buy extended warranties in future. :thumbsup:

as far as I am aware(which is not that much!) most extended warranties don't have a 'new for old' clause,meaning that they will reduce the amount that they pay you because the product depreciates in value as time goes by.

As the tv was worth £600 I do not think the warranty was mis sold in that respect,you just happended to pay less because of the discount code.

I would,if I was you,happily take the £480 they have offered towards a new tv.If you didn't have the warranty you would be in a more difficult situation than you are now in trying to get compensation for a broken down,unrepairable tv this close to chrimbo.

Freemans - a shower of chancers.

I suppose you could try demanding that they let you have the 20% promo off your new purchase (considering they have claimed back the original 20% - if you get what i'm saying). At least that way you will be getting the same offer as you originally got.

I also think you were mis-sold your warranty (based on the fact that they are only willing to refund the £480). Check with trading standards or citizens advice, they might be able to help.

By the way, did anyone see the program "Dont get done, get Dom" the other day?
It mentioned that extended warranties are not worth the paper their written on. Items should be fit for the purpose they are made for. It is reasonable to expect a t.v bought for £480 to last longer than 1 and half years.
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