Free/reduced £125 BT reconnection charge.

    I was thinking of moving into the flat my friend has currently but he says he has lived there 4 months and never had the phone line switched on but is soon moving to a big flat so he will get it.

    I phoned BT who said as the line has been inactive for 2 years it has been ceased(despite the tenant before my friend having SKY tv and still has extension cable in living room!)

    They claimed I would have to either pay or take up the complete tv, broadband and line rental package for £45 a month for 18 months!

    This seems harsh!


    Don't bother then. Can you get cable?
    BT is such a rip off.


    Don't bother then. Can you get cable? BT is such a rip off.

    Its also not a charity!

    I negotiated free connection just with an 18month basic phone line contract, keep trying, they will budge in the end!


    Its also not a charity!


    But not competitive at ALL.

    Original Poster


    Its also not a charity!

    It's also not going to cost them £125 to reconnect a line is it!

    I dont mind a fair charge or even free since I have been with them 4 years and had nothing but problems(overcharged on EVERY bill for 4 years)


    Its also not a charity!

    Lol. BT isn't a charity. Such an extreme thing to say. It made me giggle. I am sure they give to charity, but traditionally they have taken a lot of my money over the years.

    To the poster, I would say try a non-BT contract like Virgin and just wait for the £125 to be waived in one of their deals.
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