Freerunning on a bike. Amazing video

    man, this guy can ride!



    reminds me a little of my younger years with my raleigh budgie

    saw this guy on scottish news last week-truly amazing!!

    Is this Danny Macaskill? I can't view the video as blocked at work

    i will be amazed if this doesnt go on world wide tv. Absolutely unbelieveable. Thank goodness i am not his mum. When he was younger and used to say....just going out on my bike you think she knew what he was getting up to.

    Brilliant. Its talent like this that should be shown on tv not the usual bunch of tv celebrities.

    unbelivably good.

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    [email protected];5045523

    Is this Danny Macaskill? I can't view the video as blocked at work

    yeah it is

    I am glad that he chose a nice piece of music to go with the clip.
    I like him, you can tell he's addicted to the adrenalin rush:thumbsup:
    Has anyone got a link to the advert he made in Kuala Lumpur?
    I'm going to guess he did something on top of that famous building with the bridge in the middle :w00t:

    that was awesome. hes brilliant.

    Just amazing. Bet he's on first name terms with the staff at the local casualty dept!

    That's insane, I bet he broke some bones before he got that good!

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    thanks for that. equally brilliant!

    He's amazing! Personally I am a massive fan of ]Rowan Johns I see him quite a bit around Bristol and he is class!

    Wow that was incredible.


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    worth a bump every now and then for those that missed it imho


    Old!!! been on youtube for ages!!!


    wow...... looks sooo effortless

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    Old!!! been on youtube for ages!!!

    doh! completely different video :whistling:
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