Freesat- anyone know the details??

    I want this for my birthday as I can't get freeview and my nan said she'd pay and have it all sorted and fitted for me. Anyway, my cousin then told her that it only runs for 4 hours a day? When I looked online all I could find was BBC HD and that was showing as being on for 4 hours, can anyone help me out?? Also, has anyone actually got it, and if so what's it like??
    Thanks in advance for any help given xxxxxxx


    i think its more than 4 hrs a day
    dont know for sure though

    Guv is your man... It's only the HD bit thats not fully up and running.. BBC HD is running about 12 hours a day at the moment with the tennis being on.. The standard channels run in the same way as the freeview box or freesat from sky.. The is another HD channel on the freesat platform called Luxe.. ITVHD offer a very limited service.Channel 4 HD will soon be on there too..

    You'll get eveything you need to know ]HERE..

    There have been several threads on here and there is a website [url][/url] ......

    freesat from sky is the better one with over 200 free channels but it aint cheep to set up, £150 all in, it is for areas that cant get freeview or £20 for a freesat card to use in any existing sky box, but there could be a cheeper option of £75 all in i have not read all the ins and outs but have included a link for you ]http//ww…rch

    after reading the Pay Once Watch Forever for £75 details from sky freesat, i think this is a better offer than the freesat mentioned on reply 4 ^^^^ just remember to cancel the 4 mix pack after 3 months you still get over 200 free channels compared to 80 (dont forget you still need a dish for the freesat mentioned in reply 4)

    ]http//ww…htm plus installation of £80 total of £129.99 i would go with sky any day

    or try this link ]http//ww…676

    take up sky's offer and then after the 4 months offer just purchase a hd freesat box for £119
    after 4 months you have saved £5 on installation received £19 of channels per months and then can sell the sky box on ebay for £

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    thank you all for your help xxxxxxxxxx
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