freesat box

    I have a full hd tv with full hd freeview built in, would buying a freesat hd box be pointless?


    it will depend when your area is due to be swiched to digital and receive h d freeview
    if you decied to go down the freesat route i purchased the below item…sat
    it came brand new and gives a perfect hd picture off my sky dish
    i switch the signal with this so no fuss when reverting back to watch sky…808
    might be worth a look on the freesat web page to see what you get for
    your money
    Edited by: "ninegt" 10th Mar 2011

    Pretty much so if your signals ok.

    I went down the Freesat route with the Humax Fox-Sat 320Gb as I was fed up with signal problems from my ariel and have never regretted it.
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