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    I currently have Free-view SD built into my TV and for some reason the reception has become really bad the last couple of days Im thinking of buying a Free-sat HD box or at least a SD one. I already have Sky down stairs but want Free-sat in my bedroom, So I got the dish already (its less than 3 years old) Im not sure how many LNB's the dish has but thats an easy upgrade by the looks of it, But How many LNB sockets does Free-Sat HD need? Im thinking of wiring this up myself as I dont know anyone that can do it How easy is it and what Do I Need? Thanks in advance.

    PS: I read that adding a Free-Sat box voids the warranty of the Sky Dish, Iv had it for around 3 years now tho and its fine, can anyone give me any advice there?


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    U got any tips for me? Only thing im worried about is drilling a hole in my wall oO

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    Ok thanks dood, ill take a look 2moz

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    Right I just looked, it only had one LNB socket so im going to have to upgrade it, was thinking of buying this upgrade it which has 30m wire too…1-6

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    Oh found out that any dish that's older than 6 months needs the old MK3 adapter and not the new MK4 adapter, my dish is around 2 years old or so, not too sure how true this is but it sounds legit
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    Just buy the kit from ebay, you will find many sellers selling LNB's with adaptors, remember that the cable connection to the LNB needs to be watertight.

    Also make sure you include a drip loop where the cable enters your wall to stop any rain getting in to the fabric of the building.

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    Yeh I found some decent kits on eBay for around £20 with included the drip loops and also had the adapter for both new and older sat dish, I can't jusitfy paying £80 for an install for when I can do it myself for £20 and already have the dish
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