Freesat PVR other than Humax HDR i.e. something cheaper?

    My mum currently has a MANHATTAN PLAZA HD-S2 which works just fine but lacks any PVR functions which she now wants.

    I know there is the HUMAX HDR-1100S which is a nice box but at £180 it's a bit pricey so looking for something a bit cheaper which will probably be an older box. All that's needed is a box that works well for viewing TV and does well at recording (2 feeds from our dish).
    Catchup and smart features are NOT needed as we already have a PS3 and NowTV box to handle that.

    Cheers for any suggestions


    I was in same position having got rid of Sky. Got a Goodman's Freeway HD recorder from Tesco for £64. Does exactly what I wanted. No wi-fi, bit like you I have all streaming requirements covered by PS3.

    got a good man's prv on sale at asda or look for a open box or vu box etc?


    try humax foxsat hdr

    Used on ebay £50-£70

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the advice so far guys, will take a look at these suggestions.
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