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    I curently have a sky+ box. I have an LNB with 4 ports coming off the satellite. I am interested in buying a freesat receiver that can get HD and many other channels from europe etc.
    My queston is, If I was to buy another receiver, would I have to move the sky dish to receive all of the other channels?
    I have seen some receivers on ebay ranging from £65 to £150. I want to get as much football as I can
    Are there any non-HD receivers that I could use off my sky dish to get the footbal etc that are worth getting



    Won't need to move the dish to get BBC HD and Channel 4 HD but to get the football channels etc. then you'd need a bigger dish and point it in a different direction. I used a 1m dish with a dual lnb, one pointed at Astra for Sky and one pointed at Hotbird for the other European channels. A lot of channels you could get for free but there are many pay channels there too which are therefore scrambled.

    I gave up this system about 12 months ago and no doubt there are far more qualified people on this forum to give you more up to date advice. :thumbsup:

    Churchy is right basically...

    You're wanting to point at Astra 2 for the UK Freesat Channels (Note, if you get a Free to Air receiver, you will receive the same channels, but will not get the interactive services or Freesat EPG).

    If you want HD Channels, you'll need a HD Receiver.

    Now, even though you have a Quad LNB, this only means you have 4 feeds from the dish, nothing else (to allow you to add more receivers).

    If you want a different satellite, you'll need to re-align your dish to that satellite. Which will obviously be frustrating.

    You can get what they call a 'Monobloc', that has 2 x LNB Heads, these then allow you to get channels from both Astra 2 and Hotbird.

    Not sure which satellite the footy channels you want are on, but you will need to find out the footprint of the beam from the satellite and see if a bigger dish is required.

    A good place to find this - (although, it's not a simple website to navigate and can be quite daunting if you don't know what you're looking for).

    If you need a bigger dish, you might be better off getting a motorised kit (but note, all the receivers attached would only get a signal from the satellite the main receiver controlling the motor is getting).


    What is you want? HD or footie (or both)?

    Your current sky dish can only get stuff from Astra 2 - but that goes include some HD stuff that you would get from your freeview box.

    If you want the footie, you would need a minimum of an 80cm dish. The best sats for it are 19E (old astra), 13E (Hotbird) and 1 West. To get all three of those you would need to move the dish (with a motor). If you want to make do with a less complicated setup, you can buy 2 LNBs for the dish and pick up the 19 and 13 degree ones without moving the dish.

    For the receiver, you need one than can be flashed. Many can be. Its possible to be up and running with a motorised SD setup for about £130. That will give you loads of premier football (many with English Commentary) Plus loads of English film channels showing content much of which is newer that sky box office!

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your responses. I am quite happy to pay £130, where do I get the hardware and installation from?


    There was a thread posted in deals for an HD receiver and someone posted it in the thread. Think the company was called southern satellite.

    That of course was for the hardware. Installation is extra and dependant on how easy /difficult it would be. Or if you are feeling handy, you could DIY. (I did!)
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