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Freesat - Which cable to connect box to wall socket?

Posted 14th Feb 2013
Dumb question here... Picked up a freesat box for the bedroom yesterday, came with a scart cable (which i don't need) but no cable to connect the box to the satellite socket built into the wall?

Any ideas? Looks to be male at both ends too, is this normal?
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It probably doesn't come with a satellite patch cable... the presumption is that you already have a satellite cable to screw into the back of the box.
Normally require F-Connector both sides with satellite ct100 cable. There are various degrees of quality on the cable. Most types will be suitable. Maplin sell cable relatively cheap for a couple of metres. Argos do a pre-made 10 metres extension fairly thin and white for £7.99.

You want something similar to this, although 1m might be a bit … You want something similar to this, although 1m might be a bit short.Satellite F Connector Plug to Plug RG59 Cable Black Lead GOLD 1m

Ive got freesat and yeah that is exactly the type of one i use, similar to a sky cable connection
Thanks all, got one ordered at maplins...

Much appreciated.
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