Freeview 80gb twin tuner.

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Found 11th Feb 2007
My brother bought my parents a Bush one for xmas, but it never worked right...after fighting with Amazon over it they have finally taken it back and given a refund and that model is no longer available...so...looking for an alternative. The other one cost about £70 I think, so looking for something in a similar price range.

I have searched myself but to be honest I know nothing about this stuff so haven't done a very good job :oops:

Must be a 'twin tuner' and preferably 80gb, though 40 will do if it's a really good deal.

Any help would be much appreciated and rep will be left


dabs.com/Pro…%20 Give this one a look, is a refurb. but with mostly good reviews from users.

£70ish with delivery & VAT I think.

The cheapest I can find so far is this ]click here at argos £94.99.A bit more than your requested price range I know,but it is twin tuner and 80gig

edit:looks the same as the dabs one above,wups the ass of mine!!

check the deals forum a few have been posted

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Thanks very much guys

No decisions made yet so if anyone knows of other good deals etc please do still post, think they might end up going for a 40gb rather than 80gb one after all!

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http://www.dabs.com/ProductView.aspx?&Quicklinx=4DDP&v=3&RecordOffset=10&%20 Give this one a look, is a refurb. but with mostly good reviews from users.£70ish with delivery & VAT I think.

ugh, we went for this one and it arrived today. It came, literally in the box with an address label stuck on it, no packaging at all so the box was battered and bruised, opened it up and 1, it looks like crap...like something from the 60s, 2, the front panel has obviously been taken off and put back on, but it's not on enough so the buttons on the front don't stick out enough and it's all scratched to death (really, it looks like a cat has had a go at it!), 3, the paperwork and manuals are all torn and covered in tea stains and 4, the scart lead is missing it's plastic casing. Looks to me like this is a box that has come back to BE refurbished but hasn't actually had the job done yet!

And now I come online to get the phone number for Dabs so my dad can phone up and give them hell and find out that they don't even DO phone support.

Not happy, not happy.

Starlet,that sounds like a bit of a 'mare tbh.

It seems that they do 'online chat' with CS representatives,and I have just had a look,but none are available(surprise,surprise) at present.

Also,you can return the goods for full refund,but pay the cost of carriage yourself!!!

Now I know why I use ebuyer so much!

Dunno what to suggest really.You could send an email to CS to get it replaced with another one that may be better condition a some refurb stock is good,but that is a chance you take,or send it back and write a to them saying how poor you think their service is(the fact you have to bear the cost of returning items yourself) and as an active member of forums you will be telling everyone what you think of them.Maybe they will refund you your extra costs.

I wish you luck whatever you decide:)

******. I just ordered one of those - supposed to be delivered today.

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Let us know if yours arrives OK, like I say I am pretty sure they 'forgot' to refurbish it before sending it out...so hopefully my case was just a one off and yours will be fine!

It's so annoying not being able to call them though, I am pretty sure it'll be able to be sent back no problems and at no cost to us, but it's all automated and there's no satisfaction of being able to have a go at someone about it on the phone!

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So, since the one I ordered didn't work out...still looking if anyone can help, thanks
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