Freeview - any alternatives? and how do they make money?

    I started exploring options for my parents to see local programs for free and stumbled upon freeview. can you tell me, if it's any good?

    and what other free/cheap options do I have if I need local channels in Northern Ireland?

    and how do they make money???


    its just national broadcasting funded licence payers, digital uk responsible for the transmitters and broadcasting are paid to do so from the TV licence payers is how i understand it, it is effectively just a replacement for standard terrestial broacasting done so via a digital signal.

    you pay no money and recieve more channels from the broadcasters who pay for the benefit of broadcasting over the service

    its good, its the new analogue television, switch over is coming later this year and you will need it to view tv anyway, free sat is another option but requires a satelite dish.

    this is good if you cannot get signal in your area but learn more on

    under a rock try a different planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DCX....... you gotta be kiddin me right???


    Paul Bradbury

    DCX....... you gotta be kiddin me right???

    oh lawd
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