Freeview+ Box

    Looking at getting a Freeview+ box as a way to record tv shows.

    Anyone got one? Are they good? Recommendations?


    Humax, brilliant..

    Topfield are fantastic aswell. Google model number of machine your looking at and get reviews . If going to buy in shop some sales persons don't no Wat there talking about Wen selling equipment so they sell u Wat your not looking for. Check the features on all Machines as they could do somthing difrent . But reveiw before buying just so u don't have to take it back.


    Humax, brilliant..



    humax or topfield. all others are crap in comparison.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the replys. I'll have a look at them 2 manufacturers.

    And i won't be buying instore. (_;)

    Humax often have pretty decent refurb offers
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