Freeview box - Humax / Topfield

    Hi. Does anyone know any good deals for a freeview box with series link? Especially the Humax 9200 or Topfield 5800 or 5810 (I think they have series link...?)

    Thanks in advance.


    I don't know any deals, but I would go for the Toppy rather than the humax. You can set up series link type searches on the toppy which I use all the time. Because of all of the TAP's on [url][/url] you will always be able to personalise your toppy to work the way you want it to.

    Ebay will have a few for less than the shops.

    Hope this helps

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the help Robski.

    I was, perhaps incorrectly, under the impression that the Humax could also do series link?

    I think the latest version of freeview firmware will allow series link. I just much prefer the ability to customise the experience on the Toppy using TAPs.

    I use My Stuff to make it look and work nice and Channel Manager to keep things tidy.

    Humax does do Series Link, the firmware has just been updated Over The Air a few months ago.

    Have just got a Toppy 5810 and already have the older model of the Humax 9200 ( I believe HumaxDirect has a newer model). At the moment the 5810 definitely has the edge, very rich on features! best online price [url][/url] incl next day delivery.
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