freeview box -not pvr

    Looking for decent freeview box for xmas present -any recommendations -around £35 or less.



    Get them the BT vision pack, they'll appreciate it a lot more…spx

    If not just go with one of the sub £20 models, the more expensive models don't tend to really offer any extra features or ease of use over the budget models

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    Do they have to pay anything else if BT come and install this -it has to be very simple for them and they are poor -so they would not be able to pay anything a week .


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    Anyone know about this - i have not heard of it ?

    With Freeview there is no monthly payment, the box just goes into the tv scart socket, dont know any more than that, apart from people telling me they are ok.

    Aldi have some in at the moment in my area, they are £18.99 each, we have just bought 2 for christmas pressies.

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    I know about freeview -its the Bt Vision box i don''t know anything about - but it looks like you need B.Band for that and they don''t even have a computer !

    Take a look at Argos, any of the cheaper brands are fine, try to get one with 2 Scart sockets.

    Asda have some in at the moment, £15.97 for a freeview box, cheapest i've seen around

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    Thanks a lot everyone -any particular make recommended.?
    I have freeview integrated in my hd dvd recorder and also Sky Hd box and Humax upstairs.
    So wondered if any make was better than another one .
    Goodmans, Philips?

    I looked at BT Vision but it was quite expensive for what it was.

    If you can get Virgin media, they'll give you a great deal to take their services.

    I have 2 of these…-GB and they've worked fine for the last couple of years, also think it's free delivery.

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    Nothing that involves internet or paying any money for them as they just cannot afford it and they dont have a computer either.
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