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    I am looking for some recommendations on Freeview boxes for my dear gran for Xmas. Anything round about £50 or under would be great. All the ones I have found have good and bad reviews, so I am a tad confused.

    I know that specific aerials are required and that a lot of it will depend on area, (I have checked her postcode and she can recieve Freeview), so if anyone could help me, it'd be much appreciated.



    I recently bought a Sagem freeview box for £25 from Argos. I was looking for something fairly cheap that I could use in my bedroom at University. Bearing in mind I dont have an outdoor aerial I was very sceptical but the box is superb. I connected it up with an aerial for about a tenner and its faultless. The menu on the box is very straight forward and much more attractive than others I have seen. It does he have a now and next feature to let you know what programmes are on but it doesnt have a 7 day epg which a few other boxes have.

    Overall I would reccommend this one, but if you are willing to pay more than maybe you could get slightly better box but I have no complaints regarding this one.

    The boxes on sale at Tesco and Asda at sub £30 prices are fine...I have the Asda one and no probs....and if you have any probs you can always easily return for a refund/replacement.

    Amazon have Freeview boxes for £21.98 with free p&p - be quick though - only a few left when I ordered one for ma-in-law:santa:
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