freeview, dvd & hdd recorder in one unit

    Hi, I'm looking for a dvd player/recorder that comes with freeview, usb input, and a hard drive for recording dvd. Anyone know of any these units? Or would it be cheaper just to buy individual units. Can you get a hdd on its own, because ive found a cheap dvd player with freeview and usb inbuilt. Thanks

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    Not sure what you are quite looking for, your post asks for several different formats

    If you are after HDD/DVD recorder and Freeview all in one machine I have the following Sony and it is excellent, the interface is as easy as Sky+…ces

    If you just want a dvd recorder with freeview…ces

    And if you are just after a Hard Drive Recorder you need the interface of a DVD player for it to work so you can get DVD/HDD recorders or HDD/Freeview recorders but I've not seen a Hard Drive by itself, but someone might be able to prove me wrong
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