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    Right, I have an issue long overdue needing some sorting out. I have a TFT with built in freeview. My room, is on the top floor of the building with one of those slanting venelux skyline windows. It doesnt look like I can get free view when I put an indoor antenna in my room near my TV.
    But I bought this high gain indoor antenna (suitabel for DVB) from ASDA and I could tune freeview if I held the antenna chest height right under my window. So I know I can get it, but I dont fancy holding it everytime I have to watch TV. So
    1. Is it possible to get an antenna which I can stick on the inside of the slanting window (using some suction thingies)? If so what kind does it need to be?
    2. Can I get something, that I can just through out of the window and close it. As the window is slanting, I dont leave it open otherwise water from the rain gets in. SO I need like an inexpensive antenna, which I chuck out and just forget about it.
    3. Buy a USB DVB Freeview tuner (£9.99 from bigpockets), stick it on the end of a big USB extension cable, and stick all that out and try using my PC for freeview. This I dont want to do as I had bought this TFT specifically for the freeview.
    4. Some kind of wireless Antenna signal sender. I really dont want to use an AV sender as they will need a freeview box or something. But is there something I can buy to retransmit the antenna signal. So I have an antenna in the living room, shove the recieved output into this wireless sender and then connect the wireless Rx ouput to the antenna socket of my TV.

    Thanks for the tips, informative help will be repped (I would have repped all, but I relaised I only have alimited rep per day to give out )



    You can buy wall-mounted high-gain indoor aerials - perhaps if you put one of those right next to the window, you'd pick up an adequate signal?

    Can you rest it on something? Or can you attach it to the main house aerial vier a spitter ?

    I have a tv in my study (which has a slanting velux windows too). I use this antenna
    it does not pick up channel 5 for some reason, but that might just be the location of my house.

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone, reps added.. the flat antenna looks quite good. I am going to do soem more research on it, but still welcome more suggestions.

    PS I rent the place, so cant really mount anything on a pole or like that. So will need to be soemthing simple.

    Yes there is a big antenna in the building, but I dont have an Antenna point in my room.
    1. Either I need one of those RF wireless transmitters again, or
    2. Some one tell me of a cheap 1 in 2 out RF antenna splitter with gain, so I might be able to pull the signal all the way using a cable. the cheaper the better. freebies from members would be greatly appreciated. I am looking around on freecycle as well!!


    thought maybe you could just stick the pole out of the velux and secure it somehow, maybe with one of those water filled bases you use for patio umbrellas?

    the one posted by Predikuesi is only 5pounds in the qvc outlet store in shrewsbury , really good deal as it comes with a 4 meter rf cable.
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