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Found 22nd Aug 2008
Hi guys, I'm off to Newcastle university in September and would like a decent freeview system to view channels in my room. The problem is however, that reception is really poor around my proposed halls of residence. Even with a booster antenna, signal has been known to be constantly bad.

Can anyone suggest an alternative as I don't have much clue about freeview box's. Are there any really strong booster's out there that would solve my problem without touching the roof aerial?? Would a slingbox do the trick??



Haha. You going to uni my friend!! Theres no time for watching TV. You will be too busy drinking, [email protected] and eating pot noodles to even care whats on uk history!!!!

I'm in agreement with ^
I've seeen so many people say 'don't bother, you'll never watch it'
I'm going in september, and I'm a TV/DVD addict, and I don't know whether I'm taking mine
Just think, you don't want to waste a TV License on something you might not watch. So I'd see how much in your first month, you actually would have time to watch, and see how it goes from there.


£119 on wednesday from 12 - all bells and whistles Freeview, yes.
Dunno if SVP do free delivery though. EBuyer does, they're better.


Freeview actually requires less signal reception as normal TV. You may find that a PC connection is your best way however, as loads of content is now available online, and you dont need to purchase a TV license for it either (which you do if you have a TV in the halls of residence)

If you've a decent broadband service with a sensible allowance of data, you could use BBC iPlayer and the ITV and Channel 4/5 equivalents.
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