Freeview - please help a Technophobe!!

    I am wanting to get a freeview box. Ideally would want to have the ability to pause live t.v / record one channel whilst watching another.

    I don't understand the technology at all - there's mention of freeview+, digital tv recorders, PVR's and unfortnately I am completely lost with it all.

    Could anyone possibly advise what I should be looking for. We have an old style tv (the really big fat ones - not LCD or plasma) so needs to be compatible with that.

    To make it worse I really need something under £100. I have seen the thread for the Panasonic for £99 @ but that thread really confused me.

    Sorry for sounding dim, but rep for any help.

    Many thanks


    pvr's, freeview+ and digital tv recorders are all the same thing.
    pretty much anything you buy will be compatable with your tv (im guessing you already have a digital ariel?) , just plug it in with your scart.
    I believe to watch and record at the same time you need a dual tuner one, but im pretty sure most of them will be.
    may have seen one for around £40 on hear a few days back?
    never had one myself, so not sure if i can help you that much, but i think what i've said is right.

    Generally speaking you will need to have a fully-wired SCART socket available on the back of your TV. As long as you've got that then you're set.

    For 100 quid, I would perhaps recommend a 160GB Humax PVR 9200. This is straight from Humax Direct with a year's warranty but is classed as a 'grade A' unit (maybe refurbished or similar).…stb
    Delivery is another fiver on top.

    I have a Topfield 5800 myself but that's a little more expensive. The Humax units have a very good reputation and tick all of the right boxes. I think maybe the only thing more modern ones (as in 'just out') provide is something called Freeview Plus whereby the EPG (aka the programme guide) can be updated at short notice to deal with over-runs etc.

    We have BT Vision which is basically free view but also allows you to do what you want such as record, pause and series link programmes
    think we only pay about £4 a month so a real bargain!
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