Freeview Recorder STB 160/250gb - HDMI a must

    £200 is the max budget, there are plenty that meet that price range but if I wasn't that fussy I'd of ordered by now, looking for a good deal etc.

    Scart input on my HDTV isn't great which is why HDMI is a must unfortunately.

    The holy grail of these being a Humax with HDMI but seemly impossible to find, since they are well reviewed but Samsung/Panasonic/Wharfdale all seem to do Freeview PVRs, DVD Recorder is a nice bonus, but not actually required as would DiVX/XViD capability.

    14day EPG preferred, most are 7day though I know.

    Kudos/Rep/My undieing love possibly if to anyone that can find an item I might want


    Check out I brought a panasonic viera off them had a tiny scratch on the side, not notice able from front and got it £200 below asking price.

    Well as of now there is only one and thats the Topfield TF5810 (500GB) but will set you back nearly £300. Humax is making a box based on the 320gb version of the 9200. As for price I'd guess at £269. But dont expect it until the autumn.


    OP, who is your broadband provider ?

    Original Poster


    OP, who is your broadband provider ?

    O2 Broadband


    Was going to suggest BTVision free box if with BTBroadband, but not relevant in your circumstances.
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