freeview recorder wanted. 80gb cheap

    I asked this before but my mum changed her mind, but now she wants one. I am after a freeview recorder, 80gb should prob be enough. I missed out on the maplin deal from a few days ago as can no longer see it on there website. Looking to spend roughly that amount 40 quid cause i can see one in tesco at the minute for 60 quid. Anyone seen any cheap ones about?


    £39.99 here : ]http//ww…=55 :thumbsup:

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    have you used these before??

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    just read up on them, and apparently a lot of people have had issues with them. Anyone else know anywhere selling them?

    argos have some - im after one with a DVD player/recorder too!

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    Thats the one i was after, couldnt see it on the website. Thanks very much!!
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