Freeview Recorder (which I can then link to PC to edit files)

    The Humax does it, but at £170 is a little on the steep side.

    I basically want something that can record shows and then be able to connect it to the PC so I can mess around with the files, convert to PSP, etc etc


    As far as I know the other models that do this are more expensive £200+.
    The only other way is to record direct to disc then transfer or get a TV card and connect your computer directly nebula (which I think is the best) is about £90 but there are others at £30 up

    Yeah just get a tv card that does digital, plug it into your pc and you can do it all in one go, it saves it to hard drive so you can edit it then burn it and play it as normal on a dvd player.

    this is on hotdeals

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    the only thing about recording through this is when I am away. My laptop/PC wont stay on for longer than 4 days because of the resources used, so basically I need something that stays ON. records whatever, whenever.
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