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    Cannot believe I am the first on here to query this but HUKD search came up with nufifnk. Such a lot of fun today because decided to retune my Humax PVR. i will cut very long story short, they are sending me out a new one because I cannot get any channels after the retune, zero, none.

    So, had better luck with TV in other room. It found all the channels but they are all over the place, up to 800 for BBC1. but now my normal BBC channel is actually BBC Wales which means when I think I am going to records something, will get the BBC Wales prog instead.

    For those of you who have retuned and got channels all over the place, is there an easy way to sort them all out and PUT THEM IN THE ORDER YOU WANT.?

    I don't know why I needed to bother, always got CH5. From what I can see, just a load more crap channels that I will never watch....what was the point of all this?

    Ionly have TV with PVR. No subscriptions, add ons etc.


    My Humax put Channel 5 on 800
    Which model have you got? Mine very occasionally forgets to list my 'favourites' channel arrangement but that's easily sorted.

    I havent bothered to retune. All I have lost is channel 5 and theres nothing good on there anyway.

    My Humax went mental too, all in wrong order, lost channel 5 etc.

    Might ring them up if they are replacing them

    I have a Humaz and had problems retuning, to solve it I had to restore to default settings and then the Humax reinstalled all the stations correctly.

    Unfortunatley this deletes all your timer lists so write them down before you do this, also it's a good idea to delete channel 800 before too as this can cause problems apparently.

    After doing this switch the box off for a few minutes then switch back on.

    If you are still having trouble join digitalspy forums and go to this thread where they will try to help you out


    and then
    Post the make and model of your box or TV
    Post which region of the UK you are in
    Post the problem

    It also has listings for ITV2+1 on 27, but tells you to switch to 33, when i switch to 33 it's Eurosport (scrambled) :?:

    Original Poster

    What is the favourits thing, is that how I sort out the channels again?

    Original Poster

    :x OK. For past few weeks, have not been about much so ignored problems with TV.

    At one stage, only got BBC channels, retune tried again today and now get all channels EXCEPT BBC channels. In this area next week, analogue being turned off. :roll:

    Just want my normal TV back :thinking:

    Would like to get this sorted before that happens and complicates things again. Grateful for any suggestions please:-D
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