Found 29th Jul 2008

is there anywhere you can get a freeview skycard without being charged just want a card for kids room
currently got sky+ package sky want £10pm for multiroom

or £25-40 for freeview card prices seem to vary ??


It's £20 direct from Sky for a FTV Viewing Card, never heard of free ones etc, as you need to call them to activate it and pair it with your Digibox (lots of licensing issues with broadcast rights need to confirm it's UK address etc which is where it's posted to)

However if it's a Sky Digibox with a working Viewing Card already in it, previously a Subscription Card it'll automatically turn into an FTV Viewing Card.

Freeview = DVB-T Terrestrial Broadcast over the airwaves... 30ish channels..
Satellite/Sky Free To View = DVB-S Satellite Free To View (with a working FTV card as most are encrypted again for licensing reasons)


Any ex - subscription Sky Card will work as a free to view card, in any box, no pairing required.

As well as the channels that are free without a card, you will get Ch4...Ch5's and Sky3.

Do you already have a box and cable to it?, if so the above suggestions should work, if not that needs sorting first.

Can you pay £10 a month on top of this to get it working fully with a SKY+ box? Or, does the 'multiroom' charge include the same package as the main room, with SKY+ functions?


Yes Baz........if you pay the multiroom charge then you get the same package in the other room and Sky+ functions will work fine as that is now free.

Original Poster

ok just as i thought then buy a second hand card cheapest way

thanks all

Didn't know ex sub viewing cards worked in any box, swear they needed to be paired, happy to be wrong mind.

Bear in mind any Sky+/SkyHD/Multiroom setup means you must have ALL digiboxes hooked up to the phone line, the only instance they allow no phone line is on singular normal Sky Digiboxes. The installer normally setting that all up upon installation. Sky scared of licensing issues of people getting extra viewing cards on subscription packages and using them abroad (4meter dishes in Spain/Greece etc picking up Sky footprint and many a Irish/British bar/restaurant abusing this abroad)

2.4 metre Dish or less in Spain.. There are thousands of ex-pats using Sky in Spain.;-)
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