Freeview tuner??

Found 30th Dec 2009
I've just purchased a new tv with integrated freeview tuner. I don't really know what this mean, can i get the freeview channels or do i need a freeview box?? Please help im clueless!!!
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it has a tuner built-in so no box needed
it means there is a freeview box built in - if that helps...
so no - you don't need to buy one
Thanks. How do i get the channels? When i set it up will it automatically work??
just go to menu and press first time installation and sit back and enjoy
Thanks guys. I'm in work but my dad is at home stressing trying to set it up for me lol.
Will pass on the info to him.
Put TV Aerial in to the socket, plug TV in to the mains, switch on, a menu will probably appear automatically, follow the instructions, it will take a few minutes to scan, then that is it, watch your channels.:thumbsup:

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