Freeview tuner problem?

    I used to have a 26" Samsung with built in freeview, which in my room got all freeview channels but sometimes had problems with certain channels if I stood near aerial.

    Its an indoor aerial of course.

    Anyway since I got my new tv I have had less channels but the signal seems better.

    The channels that had a weaker signal before but worked fine now have gone competly on my new tv unless I use a booser which doesnt improve the terrestrial signal at all but gives me every freeview channel with a very strong signal.

    But if I plug in a seperate freeview box with just the aerial and no booster I get all the channels, and I have tried 2 boxes.

    So dont understand


    Some analogue signals are being ceased in some areas and are switching over total digital broadcast or you could have new buildings effecting your reception.

    Plug in your roof aerial

    Original Poster

    Looks like its the PC actually, I moved it forward a few inches and now getting all the channels.

    The PC is below the desk under the tv and the tv on top of desk
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